This is My Story

Ever since I can remember I was crazy about anything to do with cars. According to my dad I knew the names of all cars passing us on the road before I knew the alphabet. From the moment I could hold a crayon that was what I drew as well… cars, in all shapes and sizes.


This passion for all things automotive never left me and I remained a dedicated car nut to this day. I am still not missing a single F1 or NASCAR race broadcast for anything. I collect and build cars, real as well as scale models. No Car magazine, program, article or Youtube video remains safe when I’m around.


As for art, I have done (and still do from time to time) portraits, landscapes, figures and still lifes, but also never stopped making car doodles. I also feed this obsession by not only drawing cars, but also doing custom airbrush art on cars and motorbikes. about auto art


This website then, is the result of a conscious decision to do more of what I like and at the same time sharing it with the world at large. I hope you like what you see and join me on this journey.

This site is dedicated to my Dad who taught me everything worth knowing in life.



And My First Decent Car

 “You are not a true Petrol head until you’ve owned an Alfa.

– Jeremy Clarkson –


a Passion for Cars


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